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Because Free Time is Priceless!

 House Cleaning Services Provide more than House Cleaning

House Cleaning services have come a long way,people who use them expect more than a Feather Duster pushing dust around.

We know with the way the economy is that most households have 2 income providers.Working, getting kids ready for school, coming home to feed the family, help with school work ,then get kids ready for bed! 5 Days a week you do this.WoW! When do you find time to clean? Tha’t when you look for help and not just for cleaning the house,there’s laundry needing done,too.

Think About This

Wouldn’t it be nice if you were to come home from work  and the only thing to do is cook dinner? The house has been cleaned and the laundry washed dried,folded,hung and put away. What a relief that would be ,right? We can help you with that.

Men & Women  search the internet daily to find House Cleaning Services.They want quality,honesty,and great value, all within one company. At Your Service Cleaning combines all three. Quality Cleaning Services,honesty and affordable FAIR prices are what you’ll get when you hire us to clean for you.Also,our prices can be found on every page along with what is included for each type of service . And you get your second one FREE

Each customer is entitled to A Rock Solid GUARANTEE of Satisfaction!

Your Rock Solid 24-Hour Satisfaction Guarantee:

  1. After we clean your house from top to bottom, we’ll do a walk through with you before you pay anything.
  2. And if you’re not available at the finish to do a walk through, we will not deposit your check for 24 hrs. This also gives you time to inspect and call us immediately once you approve or disapprove in which case we will correct any areas for a final approval.

Schedule a Deluxe Deep Cleaning and get a Standard cleaning FREE (100 Value)

  • BUY 1 GET 1 FREE. Click for details  
  • Before you check out the Deluxe Service be sure to learn what services we provide
  • We furnish all equipment and cleaning supplies (specialty products excluded).
  •  Insured and Bonded & can present a certificate for proof, just ask!
  • Services include Commercial Office Cleaning – Residential House Cleaning – Basement, Attic and Garage Cleaning. Move Out Cleaning services and Move In Cleaning available. We work 7 days a week through December.
  • We added more areas to clean in our Standard Cleaning. The price for this was not increased.

Our rates are affordable, transparent, and NO surprises!

Rates are determined by the size (square feet) of your home and type of service requested. Find your rate here for Standard house cleaning services in St. Louis. Fill out the request form to schedule a date and time for your first cleaning with us. Like us on Facebook

Vickie Nash

Owner At Your Service Cleaning

I ‘m a business owner, passionate about the work I do. I think people should get the best of the best when they’re spending their money to have their house cleaned.Every client has to be happy when I leave their home. And they continue to have me back on a regular schedule. House cleaning services are provided by the owner, Vickie Nash.

How I Got Started

I enjoy cleaning. And the fact that being plagued with OCD has a lot of influence.Can’t sit still for long or stay in one place for long so cleaning seemed to be just the thing I needed. At age 22 I was working for cleaning companies but it seemed to be the owners wanted us to rush through giving us a little time in each room and I felt the customers were being cheated.At that time that was how it was done.And I worked for 6 or 7 others and not to my surprise, the same held true…get in ,get out and we did not dare do any extras on company time. After a few years of that nonsense, I decided to start my own business. Thank You St.Louis!  All my loyal Customers who put their home cleaning in my hands! My ideal client is any person who needs a little help around the house, who would love nothing more than to come home to a fresh, clean house, who works long hours and has no time to get it done themselves.

At Your Service Cleaning,LLC

"Because Free Time Is Priceless!"
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