Basement Cleaning

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Basement Cleaning Is Never Fun

What starts out as a small job to tackle can easily turn

into a major headache if you wait too long.Whatever you need, we can handle.

Our basement cleaning rates are Fair and Affordable,

Is The Mess In Your Basement Making You Crazy?

Has tackling your basement clutter been on your list forever?

Don’t wait any longer! Finally cross that job off your list!

At Your Service Cleaning will do it for you!
Our services include but are not limited to:
•Trash unwanted junk
•Dusting for cobwebs from ceiling to floor
•Wipe down all surfaces including walls, furniture,appliances, pipes, and windows
•Sweep, mop, vacuum floor or carpeted areas

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Scratch Basement Cleaning OFF Your List!


At Your Service Cleaning has you covered.
Your FREE Time Starts Now. Call Vickie now at

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to get this done for you.

To request your Basement Cleaning simply

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Basement cleaning

Tips on organizing a basement Very helpful if you struggle with “where to start” syndrome

Basement Cleaning-Check List and Rates

Basement Cleaning up to 4 Hours is $140 & $25 per hr. after

Just tell us what you would like to have done and we’ll do it!

We will customize a work order and budget that will put your

Basement cleaning woes BEHIND you!

The list below is what we did on our last basement cleaning job.

  • Separate whats being kept and whats being thrown away
  • Collect things to take to dumpster and organize whats being kept.
  • dust for cobwebs ceiling to floor
  • wipe down all surfaces includes walls and any furniture/appliances/windows/pipes
  • sweep and mop/ vacuum any carpeted areas


“Fantastic basement cleaning. Vickie
was very detailed in dusting shelves
and rafters and sweeping and mopping.
She was meticulous in cleaning all areas.
She took her time to make sure that her
work was to my satisfaction.
She was much more detailed than I expected.
I will hire her for any of my future cleaning jobs.”
Basement was cleaned in under 6 hrs. Vicki T

Basement Cleaning 2018, At Your Service Cleaning LLC

Now that you’ve seen some of the basement cleaning jobs we’ve done,

are you ready to turn your project over to us?

We can finally clean up the mess and you can proudly enter

your space without being overwhelmed or ashamed ,

To help you get started,would saving 15% be another good reason to  get your basement on our cleaning schedule?

Did you know that cleaning up also has it’s health advantages? Read here the benefits of having a clean space.


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