clean to recover after accident

House Cleaning for Injured Citizens in St Louis Mo

An accident can leave you immobilized for weeks, months, or even longer. In that time, your spouse and other household members might be able to “pick up the slack” for you and take over the household chores you can’t perform like cooking, cleaning, and taking in the mail. But sometimes, this help isn’t enough. Your efforts toward keeping your home clean are crucial, and when you can’t perform these tasks, the house can quickly become cluttered and dirty. Instead of letting your surroundings become unhealthy and dangerous, talk to your St. Louis personal injury attorney about hiring a professional cleaner to clean and organize your home. Personal injury lawyers have wide professional networks, and there’s a good chance your lawyer’s network includes at least one professional cleaner.

A Clean House is a Healthy House

It’s not just nice to have a clean home while you’re recovering – it can be critical to your health. If you are recovering from surgery, an open wound, or a burn, your body is especially sensitive to the pathogens and debris in your environment. Harmful germs can get into your wound, surgical site, or healing skin and cause you to suffer an infection. Left untreated, infections can lead to serious conditions like sepsis


A few ways your cleaner can keep your home healthy man-cleaning-on-crutches

  • Disinfecting the surfaces and floors;

  • Vacuuming up the dirt that gets tracked inside;

  • Taking the trash out; and

  • Washing dishes.

Clean Up to Prevent Another Injury

Another reason why having a clean home is important while you recover is that living in a clean, de-cluttered home will reduce your chance of suffering another injury. It can be hard for you to put items back where they belong when your injury limits your mobility, which can lead to clutter building up around your home. That clutter can become a tripping hazard, especially when you are already unable to move fluidly.

Your cleaner can also help to make your home more accessible while you recover.

A few ways he or she can do this are:

  • Moving items like towels, coffee mugs, and jackets to lower shelves, racks, or counters so you can reach them easily; and

  • Rearranging the furniture in your rooms to make it easier to move through the rooms.

When You’re Injured, Your Job is to Recover. Leave the Cleaning to the Professionals

As a patient recovering from a personal injury, you’ve got a lot on your plate right now. Focus on what’s most important, your recovery. Let the professionals in your life handle all the day-to-day things you can’t do for yourself right now. There’s no shame in hiring a professional to clean your home.There’s no reason not to pursue compensation for the cost of hiring a cleaner in your personal injury claim. Talk to your lawyer about including this expense in your claim. Click to learn more about pursuing pain and suffering damages and what you can expect from the process.