Disinfection Services to stop the spread of COVID-19 in St Louis MO

IT IS IMPORTANT NOW MORE THAN EVER TO KEEP YOUR SPACES CLEAN AND DISINFECTED .If you’re not doing it the right way your not benefitting by using the disinfectants. You’re actually wasting your time and efforts. IN order for a disinfectant to be effective you need to leave it on the surface for a period of time. That will depend on which disinfectant you are using . For example if you spray bleach products  on counters . Leave on 4-10 minutes before wiping it off. If it dries before that time you may not have killed all the viruses. Timing is the key. Spray enough to keep the entire surface wet for the time it takes to kill. Keep in mind, bleach will harm some surfaces. Confusing? Well relax. We did our homework. We know exactly what to use and how to use it.  Here are some resources on that topic

Deep House Cleaning & A FREE Standard Clean

Buy 1 Get 1 FREE!

You are about to experience the clean of a life time!. Weather it’s a condo, apartment, or a house.

All spaces need to be thoroughly cleaned at least 1 time a month. Our deep house cleaning will allow you to spend more time doing things you want to do .

You will have some free time and a spotless home. And,if you like your free time and clean home we can set up

a schedule to come in and do your cleaning every 2 weeks, weekly, or monthly.



 ($225) 4 Hour Limit  For House  up to   1500 Square Feet + Free Standard Cleaning limit 3 hrs

( $325) 6 Hour Limit For House up to     2500 Square Feet + Free Standard Cleaning limit 3 hrs
( $375)  8 Hour Limit For House up to   3000 Square Feet + Free Standard Cleaning limit 3 hrs                                                                                                                                    ($475)   12 Hr Limit   For House up to  4000 Square Feet  + Free Standard Cleaning limit 4 hrs    


This is where you find what’s included with a free Standard House Cleaning

  •  If you have pets (dog or cat) add  $5 each
  • Excessive hair on furniture to be vacuumed Add $15 ea PET
  • sofa chair(s) cushions and under cushions vacuumed
  • (it takes us 30 min to an hr. longer to clean up pet hair)
  • Add  basement $75 per 1000 sq.ft
  • Add garage cleaning    $100.00


Standard Cleaning Is Also Included

  • Includes cleaning inside Fridge and Oven ( $80 Value )
  • Clean window blinds,inside windows, window ledges, sills
  • Wash walls and clean interior doors including closet doors and door frames.
  • Wall & floor scuff marks removed with a Magic Eraser,
  • Clean light switch plates
  • Wash Baseboards
  • Clean Air Vent registers Vacuum inside FRESH AIR RETURN
  • Staircase handrails, railing cleaned
  • Glass in french doors, storm doors, glass sliding doors washed



 And to make the deal even SWEETER

  • We will dust all furniture,mirrors and glass
  • Dust all wall hangings and room decor
  • Lamp shades ,TV and backside of TV dusted
  • Detail clean kitchen and bathroom(s) 
  • Clean light fixtures and dust light bulbs
  • Scrub clean shower door track
  • Stainless Steel appliances cleaned & polished if you have them
  • Use extension duster to remove cobwebs in ceiling
  • Vacuum rugs /mop floors.
  • We will move light furniture, if needed,to clean floor under and around
  • Vacuum sofa and chair cushions (top and back sides)
  • Change sheets and make beds (customer removes sheets to wash)
  • Collect and take out the trash and rinse out waste cans.
  • clean UNDER beds
  •  Free Cleaning must be scheduled within 90 days of purchase,or it will expire.

      Offer good Feb/ 01/ 2020 -December/ 31/ 2020 After that

                                                                                                                                                     the FREE clean goes away.

Exclusive Offer From  At Your Service Cleaning LLC


Deep House Cleaning ( How you could benefit from it )

Are you a busy landlord whose last tenant left an extra dirty rental home in your lap? You are a real estate agent who needs a sale home deep cleaned before it goes on the market. No matter what is going on in your life, there are a million reasons you could find yourself needing professional house cleaning  from At Your Service Cleaning in St. Louis Mo.

Whether you need service just for one time or you need cleaning services on a weekly basis temporarily , a professional house cleaning St. Louis service is just what you need! At Your Service Cleaning offers a variety of packages that you can customize to your needs and budget! Anything from weekly maintenance cleaning to deep spring cleaning. In every crevice of your home a deep cleaning can be arranged through At Your Service Cleaning.

Most of our rates are flat rates based on the size of your home. An hourly rate could become astronomically expensive in a big hurry!We want to keep rates fair and competitive. From A to Z,  light cleaning to heavy deep cleaning, once per week or once per month. At Your Service Cleaning is at your fingertips with just a phone call or email. Visit today to set up your customized and affordable house cleaning  package today!

Deep House Cleaning Is A Must Not an Option.

That is true for both Residential and Commercial

Because deep cleaning is so labor intense we get why people just don’t do it. No time and no energy to get it done .
There is no shortage of reasons to hire professional cleaning services. We have a lot of clients with full-time jobs and young children who simply need an extra hand to make sure their homes are in good health without burning themselves out.

We also have a lot of commercial clients who realized that it made much more sense to outsource the cleaning of their facilities. Everyone has a reason to reap the benefits of a professional cleaning service and it’s our objective to exceed your expectations no matter what brought you to us.

At Your Service Cleaning LLC’s goal is to simplify the lives of our clients, both residential and commercial, by taking cleaning off their to-do list. With time freed up for friends, family, fun or focusing on the task at hand, it won’t be long before you start to wonder how you ever managed to get by without our professional cleaners minding your space’s cleanliness.


Recent review for deep clean

I have been using Vickie for about the last year and the quality of the work she does is UNIMAGINABLE. I have VERY high expectations for what I consider clean so I’ve never wanted to spend the money on a cleaner since the few times I have tried it in the past they did not do a very good job and I came home disappointed.

The first time I walked into my house after Vickie had been there, however, I cried. Everything I could have asked for (and more that I would never even thought of) was spotlessly, perfectly, amazingly clean. I could tell she had been in every corner of the house including behind furniture and under/around things I haven’t touched in years.

She did things no other cleaner would even think of doing; like wash out the grease traps in the microwave, clean the dust out of our box fan, and she even vacuumed the dog beds! She can truly get anything clean—I don’t know what she mops our floors with but she makes them look like we got brand new hardwoods!

She is an OCD sister after my own heart and I can truly say she did a better job than I would have done (which is really saying something). She works extremely hard and she is not happy until everything is perfect. Couldn’t be happier–Vickie is a true angel and worth every last penny.

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Deep House Cleaning, Offered by: AYSC


                                    Deep Cleaning vs Standard Cleaning

The Standard Cleaning is for homes that are tidied up often but need a more thorough house cleaning. For getting into the corners and under beds.That kind of clean,you’ll want the DEEP Cleaning Service

                        The Need For More than Your “Regular House Cleaning”

For those homes,with kids, and mom and dad are both working,they need more then a standard cleaning. They just do not have the time to do any cleaning.Things get out-of-control.then when they just can’t stand to look at the mess that surrounds them any longer they need a much deeper clean.

Now we have twice as much deep cleaning to do in a short period of time and that is a bit harder to do but we get it done. We just charge a little more but all our customers tell us it is worth every penny!You can only imagine the load of stress that is lifted when the house is cleaned spotless and the attitudes are in check! Everyone is happy and feeling good! :O) Then you realize that you still have a FREE cleaning. You have saved time and money!

That,my friend,is PRICELESS! 

AREAS WE SERVE  Missouri and Illinois

  • Affton, Arnold,Brentwood, Clayton,Clifton Hts,Crestwood, CWE, Frontenac, Glendale
  • High Ridge,House Springs,Imperial,Kirkwood,Ladue,Lemay,Maplewood,Mehlville,Oakville,Olivette,Richmond Heights
  • Shrewsbury, Sunset Hills, St Louis City, University City, Webster Groves
  • And In Illinois Waterloo,Belleville,
  • Areas within our 20 mile Limit (from Lemay)are welcome
  • $20 Trip Charge over 20 miles