house-cleaning-service-st-louis-FAQHouse Cleaning Service  FAQ

1.Is there anything for me to do  before cleaners arrive ?

Having things picked up off the floors  such as toys,clothes and shoes is most important.

Doing these things  will allow the cleaner more time cleaning and making sure everything is done before running out of time.

Picking up will shorten the time we have to clean and going over is only done if you agree to the hourly rate once your time is up.

2. Do you clean other parts of a house other than the living areas?

We offer more House Cleaning Services like Basements (finished and unfinished)

Garage,Attic and Sun rooms,Laundry (limited to sheets and towels)

3. Do you clean windows inside and outside?

Yes we do ,but only if they are tilt in will we do both sides.

We have to limit the use of extended ladders which is almost always the case

when you are cleaning windows from the outside. On the inside usually a 3 stepper is all you need

for doing both sides of the windows.

4.Do you change bed linens?

Yes. We ask you lay clean sheets out on the beds they go on

and remove the ones needed washed. we will remake beds if sheets are not removed.

5. Where can I find the fees for your services?

All house cleaning service rates are on the web site.

Just click on the service tab you want to schedule service for and the rates

and checklist for what’s included is on the same page. No need to get a quote when it’s all right there

for your convenience.

6. I have pets ,What is your pet policy?

No need to lock up non aggressive pets. They all get excited when we first get to your home

then 5 minutes later they are off doing pet things! And besides,we don’t want your pet to see us and blame us because they are in

isolation. :O(

7.Can I add other items to my service that day?

No. The reason is there are other customers waiting for someone to clean after yours is finished.

Adding more things to clean that day would cause the person after you to have a late service

and may interfere with their plans.That can lead to getting a negative review against us..

You can schedule for service on another day. You can add things on up to 48 hrs before your visit.