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Garage-Basement Cleaning
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Garage-Basement Cleaning Special

No matter what your situation is,Selling your home or just tired of the mess.NOW is the time to clean it up!

A cleaning guaranteed to get these messy areas back in order. You’ve been forever storing items that you’ll never need or use again .When we think house cleaning,we forget we have a garage – basement cleaning that’s long overdue.

Every year the pile in the basement and in your garage gets bigger and bigger ,and with no end in sight.Now it’s time to get this mess cleaned up.As soon as you find the time you’ll get to it. Sound familiar? IT’S TIME TO DO IT NOW! And if you still can’t find the time, well,you’re in luck… At Your Service Cleaning, right here in St Louis, has plenty of time. And we have the experience to get this done in a fraction of the time it would take you to do it. Not to mention this is a huge savings for you because we are giving you 20% off        August 01-31 then it’s over.

            Preparing the basement for a deep thorough cleaning.

  • Get the kids to help
  • get plastic bins or bags and label them DONATE  TOSS   KEEP
  • toys that are missing pieces,broken or not used ever,go in the TOSS
  • clothes that have been passed down to all the kids in the family   TOSS
  • Still got that huge box of books you’ve been meaning to take to the library?put IN THE CAR
  • bags of clothes no one has worn in 2 yrs DONATE
  • you get the picture . Now keep going til every thing is in the bins / bags ,put up and nothing on the floors
  • First you’ll need to clean and area  where the bins will be stored so you wont have to move them again when cleaning
  • If you have shelves start stacking the bins on the cleaned shelves or on the floor but in 1 area


If you need help with this part ,we got your back! But you still have to decide what you toss and what you keep or donate.

We can take your labeled piles and put them in the bins and organize them on the shelves or the area of the basement you select.

When that is all done we will begin cleaning and putting your basement back together in a neat, clean ,welcoming condition.

Preparing the garage for a deep thorough cleaning

  • You will need plastic bins if you are going to store things in the garage
  • You will need to do exactly what was done for the basement
  • sort through what you want to keep ,toss, or donate
  • We will take everything to the driveway,the garage needs to be cleared so we have room to clean.
  • all the shelves,walls, ceiling, corners, where bugs hide, will be cleaned
  • we will get those stains from oil and tackle the garage floor,we will need to hose it out .
  • once its dried we start bringing things back inside and organization will begin.
  • you tell us where you want things to go and we will organize it where it looks neat and tidy,
  • things in bins will get labeled and your garage will be complete.

The basement cleaning will include

  • removing cobwebs
  • wiping down walls
  • cleaning the windows and ledges
  • wiping all surfaces clean
  • hauling trash to dumpster
  • hauling away small items you no longer want to keep
  • sweep/vacuum/mop floor

Cost for this combo is $400

If You have a serious condition the cost will be $35-$40 per hr. And photo’s will need to be uploaded.

Garage-Basement Cleaning Special