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Our Garage Cleaning Service Delivers Amazing Results!


Are you ready to reclaim your space and park the car in the Garage?


  • We will take care of everything. Pack the things you want to keep, and toss out things you don’t want to hang on to. Then we will organize whats needed and the results ,well,you’ll see when we finish your project.
  • To get started With Your Garage Cleaning Service
  • we will need a list of the items you plan to discard, keep or donate.
  • Once we have that we will need containers to store your wanted items and put that with things to be organized.
  • If a large amount will be thrown away,we’ll need access to a large waste receptacle or we can haul it away for an additional fee. We will have to take it to a pay site where they will charge by the load or lb. The process is quite simple and we will do all the work . we ONLY need your help with the list. After all we wouldn’t want to throw out things you want to keep.
  • And if you do not have totes or boxes to pack things in,we’ll even go and get those for you.
  • Just tell us what you want us to do. And consider it done!


Garage Cleaning is rapidly becoming a MUCH needed service in most homes.

Have you noticed things keep piling up in the garage but can’t remember how the heck it even got there?And how did it get to be so big? Scratching the top of your head isn’t going to fix it…YOU NEED HELP! call now and save $50.00 on a garage cleaning service with us 314 853 7275




















The photos on this page were taken Before and after we cleaned.As you see,with a thought out plan and the right attitude.ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

clean all surfaces, starting from the ceiling down to remove cobwebs.

completely remove items from shelves/work tables to clean .

replace items

organize and clean storage areas

haul away your old junk items

sweep and either mop or hose down garage floor

you can enjoy a spotlessly cleaned garage within hrs!


TOTAL COST (labor and supplies)  

1000 Sq.Ft  $250.00    

800 Sq.Ft. $233.00  

700 Sq.Ft. $207.00   

500 Sq.Ft. $154.00


If you’re ready to get started

You can fill out the service Request form

I will contact you to Schedule your service



   New Construction clean up  

with 2 people $60 per hr.





























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