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(Garage Cleaning Service & Prices)
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Garage Cleaning Service And Rates

We will clean and re organize your garage

Package Deal #1      $225

  • Take everything out of your garage, we will be sure to detail clean all areas even the small areas where the bugs hide. Cob Webs ,say good bye!
  • Remove stains caused by oil from cars parked in garage
  • shelves ,work tables/bench will remain inside to be cleaned and organized
  • We will put your unimportant “stuff” in big bags for you. and/or drop off to Goodwill or St.Vincent De Paul if you’d like.
  • After a detailed clean-up, we will organize your garage into a more presentable space…then you can breath easy and relax!
  • we’ll remove all items from the floor area of the garage and place them on the driveway or an area chosen by you
  • Wipe down all surfaces within reach
  • sweep and Mop the  garage
  • bring back items into the garage (as per customer instruction) and reorganize such as lawn and garden with lawn and garden, putting sporting goods with sporting goods,  etc.

    Our Basic Value Deal #2 125.00

     We will do a thorough clean, sweep , mop & remove spider webs

     Does not include (the most time consuming)

  1. removing everything to take outside the garage
  2. no stain removal
  3. no re organizing but will put everything back in neat order
  4. will not haul off trash but will put in your cans or dumpster

 Garage Post Construction Clean-Up  $37.50 per Hr. from start to finish


 You bag or box and have ready for us to load  $80 up to 5 Bags and 5 boxes Limit

We bag/box load and haul off                             $140 up to 8 Bags and 7 boxes Limit

Garage Cleaning (Heavy dust ,post construction)

If any amount of construction,updates ,anything that will have

created a ton of dust is present, that is a different rate than general garage cleaning.

35.00 per man hr. 1 0r 2 people will show up to clean.

2 hr minimum for 1 person

1 hr minimum for 2

This was 11 hrs  hard labor!

$385 Final Cost

After the cleaning results

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