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(Garage Cleaning Service & Prices)
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Garage Cleaning sweep out and floor mopped only. No Trash Collecting ,Dusting,etc…

  • 1 car garage   $20.00
  • 2 cars              $30.00
  • 3 cars              $45.00

Before and After Big Garage Make-Over!

  • Organized Tools
  • Packed clothes in bags and took to Goodwill
  • cleaned storage areas and all surfaces
  • washed walls
  • removed oil stains on floor and mopped
  • Project was 9 Hrs @ $35 per Hr $315

A Garage Cleaning Service is not a Luxury

(it’s a much needed service) !

One of the most obvious signs of a busy,always on the go family,is the accumulation of junk and disorder in the garage.

The new kin to the junk drawer! You know,the one drawer that won’t close all the way and weighs 75 lbs.

But this garage catastrophe  can get to be so out of control that you’ll find yourself guessing where to park the automobile that once used to fit in there. Now there is nothing wrong with storing golf clubs,the lawn mower,kids muddy football boots, soccer cleats etc… in the garage,but lets do it another way. ORGANIZED. Yes it can be organized in a way that even the mini van can come back inside.Our garage cleaning service is exactly what will save the day!

                Just Check Out These Garage Cleaning Prices!

Prices reflect services for the average cluttered garage with time limits set for the following 1 Car Garage $150 | 2 Car Garage $200 | 3 Car Garage $275 3 Hrs Limit                | 5.00 Hrs. Limit      | 7.5 Hrs Limit  | all work over Limit is $35 per Hr And Here You’ll Find Exactly What Is Included In Our Garage Cleaning Service

  • Take everything out of your garage, we will be sure to detail clean all areas even the small areas where the bugs hide. Cob Webs ,say good bye!
  • shelves ,work tables/bench will remain inside to be cleaned and organized
  • We will put your unimportant “stuff” in big bags for you. and/or drop off to Goodwill or St.Vincent De Paul if you’d like.
  • After a detailed clean-up, we will organize your garage into a more presentable space…then you can breath easy and relax!
  • we’ll remove all items from the floor area of the garage and place them on the driveway or an area chosen by you
  • Wipe down all surfaces within reach
  • sweep and Mop the  garage
  • bring back items into the garage (as per customer instruction) and reorganize such as lawn and garden with lawn and garden, putting sporting goods with sporting goods,  etc.

 Garage Post Construction Clean-Up  $37.50 per Hr. from start to finish

      Junk Removal Bagged or Boxed

For an additional fee we will haul off small items no heavy furniture. If we can bag it or box it up ,we’ll take it with us. Your rate will depend on how much we take. Please tell us what you need hauled away.  A photo would be helpful and will get an extra 5% taken off your rate,so don’t forget. Send a photo.

  Now ,tell me, are you ready to get this mess cleaned up?

Stop putting off what should have been done before you had to park the car outside the garage! We just need a bit of information from you and then we’ll get you on the life made easy list.


Every item must fit into a bag or box You bag or box and have ready for us to load  $80 We bag/box load and haul off                           $160 15 Bag limit and 10 Box Limit

Stain Removal $25 per stain up to 3 small areas

This was 11 hrs  hard labor!

$385 Final Cost

After the cleaning results

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