Garage Cleaning Service and Rates

Since 1993
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Garage Cleaning Service
Garage Cleaning
Garage Cleaning
Garage Cleaning Service

Garage Cleaning Service And Rates

Clean & Re-organize Your Garage

Package Deal #1      $299

Garage Cleaning Plus Coupon for 1 Free Basic Clean

  • Take everything out of your garage. We will be sure to detail clean all areas even
  • the small areas where the bugs hide. Cob Webs ,say good bye!
  • Remove stains caused by oil from cars parked in garage
  • shelves ,work tables/bench will remain inside to be cleaned and organized
  • We will haul away your unwanted bagged or boxed items  Included up to 5 bags or boxes
  • After a detailed clean-up, we will organize your garage into a more appealing space…then you can breath easy and relax!
  • we’ll remove all items from the floor in the garage and place them on the driveway or an area chosen by you
  • Wipe down all surfaces within reach
  • sweep and Mop the  garage High pressure hose
  • bring back items into the garage (as per customer instruction) and reorganize such as lawn and garden with lawn and garden, putting sporting goods with sporting goods,  etc.
  • And qualifies for 1 free basic clean (Dust all surfaces,sweep & mop ) Must be scheduled within 9 months of the first cleaning.



Our Basic Garage Clean-out  Value Deal #2 125.00

Still a good choice if you have to budget and keep costs low.

  • You will have a clean garage that you’ll be happy with..
  • Remove cobwebs
  •  We will pick up things to thoroughly wipe surfaces down,
  •  and sweep & mop the floor. 
  • We will,neatly, put everything back into place .


  •  removing everything to take outside the garage
  •  stain removal
  •  re-organizing ( instead we will pick up to clean and put back in place)
  • We will not haul away junk FREE

$55  up to ( 5 ) 13 Gal Bag Limit OR  (we will take to the outside trash area)

 Garage Post Construction Clean-Up  $37.50 per Hr. from start to finish

Garage Cleaning (Heavy dust ,Post Construction Rates)

If any amount of construction,OR anything that will 

create a THICK LAYER of dust is present, the rate will be

37.50 per man hr.

1 0r 2 people will show up to clean.

4 hr minimum for 1 person

2 hr minimum for 2 people