Garage De-cluttering is simple to do,really

If you don’t need ,want,or use it, GET RID OF IT!.

Here’s how ya do it…

1.Have a garage sale.

2.Post on Nextdoor or Craigslist that you have free stuff at the curb,come get it..


3.Put a “FREE” sign and set it ​​out.People will haul it off for you in no time.
But if this does not sound like fun to you, call me and I’ll do it!
or click the button below to get started.
40.00 per Hr 3hr min ( no more than 5 hrs please.)
Service comes with cleaning shelves,floors and remove cob webs and critters!
you tell us what you dont want and if I will need more than an SUV.
No large items like furniture can be taken,just bags  and sealed boxes only.
If you separate what you want and don’t want I will box and bag it for you.

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