House Cleaning Gift Certificates

The perfect gift for any person and occasion!

If you’re still looking for the perfect gift to give your bestie,spouse,parent any one…

Look no further. With Free time being a phrase rarely spoken you’ll make someone’s day in a BIG way!

This is not just a clean house they’re getting  ,you’re also giving them some well deserved FREE TIME!

These days ,nothing can top that! NOTHING.

Whoever you buy for will be super happy .We will guarantee the results of the cleaning 100%

Order now and allow them to scratch cleaning off their TO-DO-LIST!




You can pay now and print out but you must fill out the form here

A list of what’s included is available for you to look over

We can also work from a list provided by you.

laundry, cleaning, oven… you name it, It’s Done!


Option #1

6 Months of cleaning for 1 time each month ($150 Savings)  6 Visits  total

$600.00 up to 2000 sq ft. 4 Hours Max each Visit (Reg.$125) per visit

Option #2

6 months of cleaning 2 times each month  ($600 Savings)   12 Visits total

$780.00 up to 2000 sq ft. 3 Hours Max each visit (Reg $115) per visit

Here you can look over the complete checklist of what is included with this offer

In addition to the checklist

Oven and Interior Fridge cleaning Is included if needed.


Super Mom Gift Certificate $400

A Full Day of House Cleaning and laundry

For the mom who desperately needs the help.

This will score Mega Brownie Points For Sure!


Researcher Michael  Kärcher revealed that six in 10 of the 2,000 adults polled claimed that coming home

to a clean and tidy house instantly makes them feel calmer and less stressed.

We’re all busy working ,going to school, taking kids to school,etc… Having the house already cleaned 

when you get home is a sweet retreat. So why not gift someone you care about with one full day of Pure bliss! House cleaning

and laundry service is a HUGE Relief. And a gift they will appreciate.

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