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1. We all know that cleaning the bathroom is no day at the park. But if you

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2. This video will show you how to clean a bathroom in half the time

3. And in this video,5 Weird Kitchen Cleaning Tips That Really Work!

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deep cleaning with dawn and vinegarUse these three at-home methods to tackle the issue of how to remove permanent marker from wood

Not only will these tips save you time ,how about the money too!

Removing Permanent Marker from Wood – Method # 1permanent markers house cleaning tips

When you’re getting ready to remove permanent marker from wood, follow these quick and easy steps. It’s important to try these methods on a part of the wood floor that’s not centrally visible first, as you’ll want to make sure it responds well before trying it in a high traffic area. You can also try the underside of your wooden table to see how it reacts.

  1. Take some isopropyl alcohol and pour a fair amount onto a clean cloth.
  2. Apply the cloth directly to the stain and rub until the marker stain begins to transfer.
  3. Rinse the affected area with water and pat dry.

Remove Permanent Marker from Wood – Method # 2

This particular method for approaching how to remove permanent marker from wood involves using handy-dandy toothpaste. That’s right – the same product you use to keep your pearly whites clean and sparkling can also help keep your wood clean and marker-free!

  1. Take a bit of regular toothpaste (avoid the gel kind).
  2. Apply the toothpaste directly onto the marker stain.
  3. Rub the toothpaste using a damp rag. You’ll want to rub the affected area for a few minutes until the cloth can easily slide across the wood surface.
  4. Rinse the rag you used with water and rub the wood surface until the toothpaste is no longer visible.
  5. The marker stain should no longer be there. If any marker residue remains, repeat steps 1 through 4 until the stain has disappeared completely.

Getting Rid of Permanent Marker on Wood – Method # 3 (try last)

  1. Using nail polish remover, pour a bit of it onto the marker stain.
  2. Scrub the permanent marker stain using a paper towel. It should gradually begin to lift off of the wood.

I hope you liked these tips for removing stains and found them helpful. I think these stain removing tips you’ll want to print out

Wipe out wall doodles. A handy trick to have in your back pocket if you’ve got creative kids.

When your child’s artistic efforts end up all over your new paint job, scrub lightly with a damp sponge sprinkled in baking soda.

Smelly pet odor?

Deodorize the soft, cushy places around your house — including the dog bed — by sprinkling surfaces with baking soda, letting it sit for 15 minutes, and then vacuuming it up.

Clogged drain?

When you notice your drain is starting to clog, a 1/2 cup of baking soda down it, followed by a 1/2 cup of vinegar. Cover with a wet cloth to contain the science fair-like effects. Wait five minutes and then flush with hot water.

Untangle a knotted necklace.

Never waste time desperately tugging at tangled jewelry again. Loosen the knot with a little baby powder and use a pin to pull it apart.

Hard scratchy Towels

If you’ve got hard water, mineral buildup could be the cause of your scratchy towels. To lift deposits, wash the towels in the hottest water possible, and add 1 cup of ammonia and nothing else.

Get stains out of a cutting board.

Run the cut side of a lemon over the board to remove food stains and smells. For extra cleaning power, sprinkle it with salt or baking soda first.

Shine silver in a pinch.

Notice your favorite ring or bracelet looking a bit dull? Wet it, rub with a little toothpaste, rinse, and dry with a clean cloth.

Add shine with vinegar.

Use white vinegar to brighten your windows. Mix 2 tablespoons of white vinegar with a gallon of water, and dispense into a used spray bottle. Squirt on and wipe away with a clean microfiber cloth (not paper towels, which can cause streaking).

Erase greasy stains on clothes.oil stain house cleaning tips
Greasy Stains?
Spot salad dressing on your shirt? Rub a little dawn dish detergent into the stain and rinse with hot water. The soap is gentle enough for spot-treating most fabrics — even washable wool and silk.
Note… Put dawn on the dry stain,meaning don’t rinse it re you add the dawn dish soap. Let it set 15 min then rinse

Do you agree that magic Eraser is quite expensive?

I can show you how to make one just as good as MR CLEAN. First,you ‘ll need to prepare your arsenal.You’ll need a sponge We found a pack of 100 melamine sponges for $6.9 on Amazon

Once you have your sponge, you need the cleaner, and you can make it yourself.

For one sponge:

1. One cup hot water

2. One tablespoon baking soda
3. One teaspoon Borax

Stir until ingredients dissolve and then saturate a sponge.

Squeeze so it’s not dripping.Now it’s time to clean. 

Be sure to “test spot” before using.

The DIY sponge is just as magical as the store bought sponge.

Minus the hefty price!