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No More Sneezing, Runny Nose, Itchy , Watery Eyes





Spring Cleaning For Allergy Sufferers – Tackle Dust & Allergens to Suppress Your Allergy Symptoms

Spring Cleaning : Check List & Prices

Well folks, spring has sprung. are you ready to remove all the pollen, that has attached itself all over your walls,decor,etc…?While it is almost impossible to rid a home of everything that can cause your symptoms to appear,we can absolutely get rid of 99% of the triggers that cause them.For those who suffer from allergies this is a welcoming event ,I’m sure. This special cleaning will help minimize the allergy symptoms you have from springs rude intrusion. Here you can learn how our cleaning service will reduce your symptoms in a BIG way

Get ready for a breath of fresh and clean air.

We have put together a Spring Cleaning Project that focuses on clearing out the dust and pollen and then some. To make it affordable for all incomes, all of the prices have been reduced  by 30% until the end of June

These are the rates based on the size of your home

$150.00 500 up to 1000 sq.Ft

$175.00 1001 up to 1500 sq.Ft

$195.00 1501 up to 2000 sq.Ft

$225.00 2001 up to 2500 sq.Ft

$295.00 2501 up to 3000 sq.Ft  Fill out the request form for your cleaning today. Everything listed below is Included!

Kitchen (Vinegar,Baking Soda,& Dawn for Cleaning)

  • Outside and top of Fridge
  • Stove top /burner pans/grates
  • Polish Stainless steel appliances
  • wipe cabinets, counter tops table and chairs and legs
  • outside small appliances and inside of microwave
  • wash inside windows, window sills, and ledges, mini blinds damp wiped
  • clean light switches/plates
  •  Wipe down door facing and frame
  • Sweep/mop floor
  • Wash baseboards
  • Vacuum inside fresh air return



  • Clean tub, shower, shower doors and tracks,
  • Remove Mold
  • sink, toilet, top and sides of medicine cabinet,mirror, vanity
  • light fixture and bulbs dusted ,wipe window sills and ledges dust window blinds
  • clean light switches/plates Wash baseboards Wipe down door facing and frame
  • Clean and shine towel racks and faucet
  • Fold and hang towels
  • Sweep/mop floor

All other rooms

  • Vacuum mattress and flip if requested Master Bed included
  • dust furniture,
  • wall decor, picture frames and glass & lamp shades,
  • TV screen cleaned as instructed by the customer
  • Baseboards washed, clean ceiling fans and light fixtures,
  • mini blinds washed, , dust window sills and ledges
  • Wall marks/dirt removed through out the home.
  • Remove cob webs, wipe clean all interior doors and door frames
  • change linens, make beds collect trash and take out
  • vacuum/mop under and behind beds and other furniture
  • As long as it can be moved safely, light furniture will be pulled out to
  • sweep and mop under and put back when area dries

You may add more to this list check out the add-ons and pricing

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