House Cleaning Service & Rates in St. Louis

cleaning up St.Louis 7 days a week!

    Standard House Cleaning Service

            (Recurring/ Ongoing Cleaning)

Weekly-   Bi-weekly –  Recurring Rates

You Pay                                           For home this size 

$80 wk  $90 Bi Wkly                      500 -1000 sq.ft.

$100 wk  $120 Bi Wkly                   1001-1500 sq.ft.

$125 wk $135 Bi Wkly                    1501-2000  sq.ft.

$145 wk  $155 Bi wkly                    2001-2500  sq.ft.

$165 wk $185 Bi wkly                      MAX  4000 sq.ft.


Your first visit will be $50 more if:

  • There is above normal accumulation of dust on
  • baseboards,window ledges,picture frames ,decor,ceiling fan blades and fixtures
  • soap build up on shower walls,doors, and or mold to be removed
  • heavy use of grease in kitchen on cabinets and appliances

We do not pick up

  • clothes,toys,shoes,trash from floors. Floors need to be clear of those items so cleaning can be done safely.
  • Trash will be removed only if it is already in the trash can.You don’t want someone deciding what is considered to be trash.
  • I will move small and light weight furniture to clean the floor under, around, and behind and put back in place
  • nothing more than mentioned needs to be removed from the floor.

If you feel you need a deep clean you get your second clean free.

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                              ​To Begin Your Standard Cleaning

Please fill out the form on this page and include any details

the cleaner should know about.

To Pay By check  leave on kitchen counter make payable to  

At Your Service cleaning

leave cash or pay with Zellepay offered by your banks online banking app.

send to 314 853 7275 simple and done.



 These Tasks Require Additional Fees

 Stairs ,if  more than ten .50 ea swept then mopped by hand                             

  • Dog/Cat  $10  ( sweeping up pet hair requires more time )  
  • Wash Baseboards $10 per room  Free Dust only             
  • Wash window blinds 1 slat at a time  $4 dust only free  
  • Load and unload dishwasher and put away dishes $10
  • Vacuum sofa and chair cushions $15 to remove pet hair

 *Vacuuming pet hair adds up to an additional hr in homes up to 1500 sq ft.


Standard House Cleaning Rates

#1 Time Cleaning Only

We bring all supplies or we can use yours

If you have pets (dog or cat) add  $10 each

Clean by hand/vacuum all stairs ea are .50


       You Pay ?                          For home this size?

  • $110.00 –                     500 Sq.Ft. 1,000   sq.ft.
  • $135.00 –                    1,001 up to 1,500  sq.ft.
  • $145.00 –                    1,501 up to 2,000  sq.ft.
  • $165.00 –                    2,001 up to 2,500  sq.ft.
  • $180.00 –                    2,501 up to 3,000  sq.ft.
  • $225.00 –                    3,001 up to 4,000  sq.ft     


To get started, fill out the form >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Standard House Cleaning Checklist

In common areas

  • Dusting
  •  furniture
  •  baseboards, chair rails, and door panels
  • ceiling fans dusted
  • Vacuum carpets
  • Vacuum and damp mop floors
  • dry wipe blinds, window sills, and lock ledges
  • Dust pictures frames
  • lamp and lamp shades
  • Windex mirrors and picture frame glass
  • Empty all trash



  • Wash all hard surfaces includes
  • Blinds, window sills, and lock ledges dusted
  •  baseboards swiffer dusted
  • Top sides and front of refrigerator
  • Counter tops
  • Thoroughly clean cabinet fronts
  • Disinfect and wash sink
  • Clean  microwave inside and out
  • Stove top and drip pans
  • Clean and disinfect kitchen table
  • Vacuum and damp mop floors
  • Empty trash


  • wash all surfaces including
  • blinds, window sills, and lock ledges
  • cabinets, door panels, and baseboards
  • Clean, disinfect, and shine showers and tubs
  •  toilets inside and out
  • door knobs and switch plates
  • Shine fixtures
  • Vacuum and damp mop floors
  • Empty trash


  • Dust furniture
  • Dust baseboards, chair rails, and door panels
  • blinds, window sills, and lock ledges
  • Vacuum carpets
  • Vacuum and damp mop floors (if non-carpet)
  • Change sheets (upon request) Customer removes  and sets out clean sheets
  • Make beds (upon request)
  • Empty trash

True Story

We started At Your Service Cleaning Inc.

June 17,1993 .Our first house was cleaned

June 23,1993 located in South St Louis County. We’re still cleaning that

house! 2019 We do not lose many customers because

we LOVE to do what we do and we do it  the best it can be done.

Reasons to choose us…

  • we bring all cleaning supplies
  • bring all equipment Vacuums,mop and mop pads
  • we carry General liability insurance for your protection
  • and completed a background check on the business
  • and business owner

Now the best reason to choose us is because you will have a crew with 25 yrs

experience cleaning for you.

If you want to experience a truly clean home, request our Standard House Cleaning Service today!